Frequently Asked Questions


Records Management FAQs

Q.How do I get boxes to store my files?
A. You need an internal purchase requisition (PR). You can submit an online PR Request to University Services. Boxes are $2.00 and labels are $0.10 each.
Q. Can I use boxes we bought off site?
A. No. In order to maintain uniformity and to maximize our shelf space in our warehouse, it is necessary to use the boxes we sell.
Q. Do I have to pick the boxes up?
A. No, we deliver and pickup all boxes at your department.
Q. How do I know how many boxes I will need to store all my files?
A. We approximate 1 box to hold about a standard office drawer. Of course this may vary.
Q. Can I have files from different years in the same box?
A. Yes. We track the files from the most recent dates of your files.
Q. How long do you keep our files?
A. We store all of the files according to the New Mexico State Records and Retention Schedule, depending on the types of files you have.
Q. What do I do when I want to retrieve some records from you?
A. We designate a unique serial number with each box stored in our warehouse. When you request a file/box, ask for the serial number. We do not handle individual files from the boxes. We can deliver the box to you within 2 days.
Q. How do I know when my files are destroyed?
A. We notify your department when the files have met the retention time. At that time you have the option of storing the files off site or to have them destroyed. A departmental authorization is required before we can destroy your records.
Q. What if I have historical documents?
A. We do not store historical documents. Please contact the UNM archivist at 277-5707 if you have these items.

HSC Shipping & Receiving FAQs

Q. What is your address?
A. 915 Camino de Salud NE Albuquerque, NM 87131
Q. What are your hours?
A. Receiving Hours are 8:00am - 12:30pm Monday-Friday. Staff on duty and delivering until 5:00pm. Open for receipt of time and temperature sensitive materials during most UNM Holidays.
Q. What do I need to do to send a shipment FedEx/UPS/etc.?
A. We work with each individual who asks this question, as all shipping needs are unique. Usually the sender has taken care of the shipping charges and we review their paperwork and/or provide the proper forms, and then pick up the freight from their Department. Outbound FedEx will be picked-up and sent out provided we are notified no later than 3:00 p.m. We keep signed records of all outbound freight.
Q. I'm expecting an urgent delivery. How will I know when it arrives?
A. 98% of the time, a University Services Shipping & Receiving (S&amp ;R) courier will expedite this request. If all couriers are busy, and the recipient needs the package in question before the regular delivery schedule, we call when the delivery arrives and invite them to come to UnivSvc/S&R and pick the package up themselves (providing it isn't too heavy).
Q. Can you assemble that for me?
A. Unfortunately, no. In most circumstances, assembly and/or set-up has to be done by the vendor or the vendor-contracted company. If we were to do assembly, it would void the warranty of an item. It would also create a situation of liability for our department.
Q. Do you have any empty boxes?
A. We do not. UnivSvc/S&R has an extremely limited working area, with no overnight storage space. There are also no fire sprinklers in the UnivSvc/S&R facility. Storage of boxes would constitute a major fire hazard/violation.
Q. Why can't I park on the Loading Dock? Where can I park?
A. The limited space that is the Loading Dock is&#160 ;where we do our work. Without allowing the space for large trucks and tractor-trailers to park and/or to move around, there would be an accident on the dock daily. Please note: the UNM Parking Services will issue short term parking permits for other areas. There are also parking meters throughout the campus and a parking garage and other designated areas for the Hospital. We are happy to direct people to any of these locations.
Q. Why can't you accept this delivery? Isn't this the Hospital/OMI/State Labs? NOTE: this is asked by delivery vans/vendors.
A. We often explain that although we are a loading dock, we are not directly associated with the entities they are trying to deliver to. We keep a supply of Campus Maps on hand and all UnivSvc/S&R staff are well versed on the topography of Main and North Campus, assuring accurate directions for anyone unsure of where to deliver a non-HSC delivery.
Q. How can I get to ---- from here? NOTE: this is asked by both delivery persons and UNM employees.
A. Because we keep a supply of Campus Maps on hand and all of our staff are well versed on the topography of Main and North Campus, we can ensure accurate directions for anyone unsure of where to deliver a non-HSC delivery or to get to their destination.
Q. Why didn't you pick-up our outgoing mail?
A. We explain that although we receive and make deliveries, we are a sister department to UNM Mailing Systems who actually receive and deliver intercampus and USPS mail. We then direct them to the phone number that will expedite their Postal needs.
Q. Is my package there?
A. In order to answer this question, we will ask you the following questions: your identity; your department; where the package is coming from. If we cannot quickly identify it, we will follow up with questions regarding the vendor, shipper, and tracking number.

Surplus Property FAQs

Q. Where can I find out information on how to use surplus?
A. Click here for Surplus Property information.
Q. What time are the "showroom" and drop-off hours?
A. Tuesday and Thursday 8:00-11:00 AM and Wednesday 1:00-4:00 PM.
Q. Where are you located?
A. 1128 University Blvd NE, between Indian School and the freeway. We are located on the North side of the building.
Q. How does a department buy surplus items?
A. Come to our showroom at 1128 University Blvd NE during our showroom hours and look for what you need. We accept a valid Purchase Requisition (PR) from any UNM department. You can take the items with you or arrange for delivery. Click here to apply for a PR.
Q. Who is responsible for the erasure of computer hard drives?
A. The UNM Information Technologies department insures that all hard drives are erased properly following UNM/State of New Mexico policies and procedures. There is a satellite location at Surplus Property to perform this onsite as computers are received and processed.
Q. Who are considered the Authorized Signature on the “Request for Disposal of Surplus Property” form?
A. Department Chair, Administrator or Manager can sign the Request for Disposal of Surplus Property form. 
Q. Is it necessary to complete all sections of the Request for Disposal of Surplus Property form (top, middle and bottom left corner)?
A. Yes, each section ensures that we have all of the necessary and required information to formally request that an item be removed from your inventory.
Q. When we purchase an item(s) from surplus, how long does it take to get it delivered?
A. When Surplus receives the Purchase Requisition form, it is usually within 1- 2 business days.
Q. Why does a person from the department have to be present to sign the Request for Disposal form when items are picked up?
A. To verify where the item(s) are and which item(s) are to be picked up.
Q. When we complete the “Request of Disposal” can we fax the form?
A. No, all form(s) must be emailed to
Q. When do we receive a receipt for the item(s) that have been picked up from our department?
A. When the item(s) are accounted for by Surplus Property staff, the department will have the option to make a copy of the receipt of the time of pick up.
Q. When am I required to send a letter to University Services justifying the disposition of an asset to Surplus Property?
A. When one or more of the following conditions is true:

  • The asset had an acquisition cost of $10,000 or more;
  • The asset has a current book value of $1,000 or more;
  • The asset was acquired within the past three years.
Q. How do I donate an asset to another entity?
A. Submit a memo to the Associate Director of University Services, UNM Surplus Property, on your departmental letterhead. This memo needs to include the following information: identify the equipment in general and specific terms, who the recipient will be, and state the intended use of the equipment and if it is to be used for educational purposes. Include as much information as possible.

The donating department must still fill out a surplus disposition form. You will need to obtain a copy of the 501(c)3 federal non-profit status form if applicable of the donee which will be attached to the departmental letter along with the rest of the documentation. Our office will research the transaction and the equipment and work with Property Accounting to process the donation. Once the transaction is complete and Regents approval is obtained we will notify you and authorize the donation. A letter of acknowledgement is required from the receiving entity to acknowledge receipt of the item(s).

Mailing Systems FAQs

Please go to Mailing Systems website for frequently asked questions.